New Worlds EP

by Morvheim

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released November 18, 2015

Produced, mixed & mastered by R. Freeze

Performed by:
R. Freeze – Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Thunder XXX – Vocals
Baron Dimmi – Lead Guitar
Devious Mikey Dee – Saxophone
Out Down Otis – Bass

All music by R. Freeze, except:
Track 2 by Arthur Sullivan

Lyrics on track 1 by Thunder XXX & R. Freeze
Lyrics on track 2 by W. S. Gilbert
Lyrics on track 4 by R. Freeze & Thunder XXX

Cover artwork by R. Freeze

All instruments/sounds recorded by R. Freeze, except:
Thunder XXX’s vocals (self-recorded)
Snare, tom and kick drum samples by themetalkickdrum

Special thanks:
Alex A, Brennan C, Chris D, Trena E, Rachel G, Sebastian H, Rebecca K, Gary M, Devon S, Nick S, Quinn S, Robbie S, David V, Tom W, and every musician who has performed under Morvheim’s banner.



all rights reserved


Morvheim Toronto, Ontario

"Morvheim play a unique brand of metal that incorporates many influences including black metal, folk and symphonic soundscapes."

-Tyrant's Law

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Track Name: For the Drowned
I won’t forget how you turned away
My cries for succour fell upon deaf ears
My self inflicted fate
When foundations were shaken
Those sacred walls forsaken
The ones deemed righteous fall from grace
My rapture ends, the stars fade

Did I ever tell you about the shame
About going perfectly along with the grain
Just to prove all the bullshit in your brain
Let me tell you, man
That shit is not my problem
All these kids be dead
You say that’s not my problem
Saying you’ll help them
When you do not love them
Taught not to be real with them
You ‘aint got to deal with them
Our emotions, they bubble up to the top
But our whole society’s a fucking sham
And a scam, stand up
Let me show you who the fuck I am

Don’t look back now
Nothing there remains but
Bleak horizons
Train our eyes towards
The distant flame of love and shame
A future void of needless pain
Thus on this aim we fix our gaze
As rapture ends, and now
Stars begin to fade

It’s a new day
Shed the old rage
The dreamer’s fear is real
In the last light
Of a dark night
Stand up
Let me show you who I am
Track Name: Oh Foolish Fay
Oh foolish fay
Think you because
This brave array
My bosom thaws
I’d disobey our fairy laws
Because I fly
In realms above
In tendency
To fall in love
Resemble I the am’rous dove

Oh, am’rous dove
Type of Ovidius Naso
This heart of mine is soft as thine
Although I dare not say so

On fire that glows
With heat intense
I turn the hose
Of common sense
And out it goes
At small expense
We must maintain
Our fairy laws
That is the main
On which to draw
In that we gain a Captain Shaw

Oh, Captain Shaw
Type of true love kept under
Could thy brigade with cold cascade
Quench my great love I wonder
Track Name: A Sea of Stars
Track Name: God
Sacred one of unbound pride
Walk with me for one last night
For I can bear this place no longer
Give me strength to curse your reign
Ere I set forth on my way
The world awaits and I must go

It’s much too late
To fix what you have done
I’m on my own
And I refuse to run

I perceive the light, it shines through me
The hand of destiny
The time has come to set me free
Until we breach this new world

For far too long I have sought shelter
In these dreams of yesterday
One last glance into the darkness
As I stride the sylvan way
Beckoned by the dark horizon
Far beyond the lands I know
The world awaits and I must go

The storm clouds open now
Yet I can’t feel the rain
They wash away the blood
Nothing can erase the shame
I know your heart is pure
Would that I could say the same
The path ahead is dark
Yet this calling, I must obey