Ever After

by Morvheim

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released March 31, 2015

Produced, mixed & mastered by R. Freeze

Performed by:
R. Freeze – Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Out Down Otis – Bass
Maxfield H. – Vocals
Thunder XXX – Vocals
Pulp 905 – Trombone
Murdarus Mafk – Additional Shouts

All music by R. Freeze

Lyrics on tracks 1, 3 & 7 by Maxfield H.
Lyrics on tracks 2, 4, 5 & 8 by R. Freeze
Lyrics on track 6 from the Poetic Edda

Cover artwork by R. Freeze & Pulp905

All instruments/sounds recorded by R. Freeze, except:
Snare, tom and kick drum samples by themetalkickdrum

Poetic Edda script from A.S. Cottle’s 1797 translation



all rights reserved


Morvheim Toronto, Ontario

"Morvheim play a unique brand of metal that incorporates many influences including black metal, folk and symphonic soundscapes."

-Tyrant's Law

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Track Name: Oblivion
The hourglass is quickly emptying
Grain after grain
I feel it like a sharp, protruding pain

Great leaps do not always bring great feats
Yet time is calling, time is chilling
Felt when I am falling
Deep into the depths of despair

It began like this
Track Name: Spirits and Demons
On the sylvan path we stride
Through a land of mist and might
Over hills, through the dark woods unknown
Spirits noble to light our journey
Under sunset-sullied skies
Realms of kindred life devoid
Enigmatic horizon calls us
Beckoning as we press onward

For I
Believe in false gods, irrational thought
No self-serving scion shall take that away
We stand as one; united front
Relight the beacon, dispel the demons

Flesh and bone remain
When fairy dust runs dry
Cleansed by acid rain
Embrace my path, goodbye
I’ve gone too far
‘Tis all I know
Can’t kill this truth
Just let me go

Beset by fire
I won’t forget the dream
The sights unseen
You promised paradise
But never came through
Nothing but ash
I won’t forget the day
We lost the way
For you’re as hollow
As the ones who you
Claim to rule

For I
At long last see, eternity
A clandestine truth which will not be erased
We stand as one; united front
Arise like the break of dawn, ascend

For there’s no darkness without light
For there’s no evil without right
So fuck this fantasy
‘Twas nothing more
Pray for a day when the pen
Outweighs the sword

Arise like the break of dawn, ascend
Track Name: The Unchained
Standing on the platform, waiting in vain
Strangers pile off the train
Quickly, quickly, one by one
I run but the windows smash
Emptiness, it’s too late
Stumble through the forest
Roots covered by leaves

Out in the darkness, my only light
Hope washed away
Into the ocean, sounds of sea
Silence escapes me
No one hears my scream

Do I wait, do I go
The radio plays that song
Do I wait, do I go
The unchained melody
Free of verse
As I drive this hearse
As the moment slips away
Minutes slip away

Misty morning of a missed moment
I hate the passing of time
Your reflection in the mirror
Year after year
But I wait, wait for nothing
On the platform in vain
Whistle blows, and I know
I’ve missed that train

There are no ends we meet
So fill me with nothingness
Yet I am liberated
From the judgement of gods

Take me back to the land before time
Take me back, the clock is ticking
Take me home, take me home
Track Name: King of Rats
I was a king; I’ll have you know
My subjects cowered at my might
At my command, an endless host
And no one dared oppose my right
My tangled web of lies fell
For one day my docile peasants rose
My rotting empire’s death knell
Salted the earth for the pain I bestowed

Who will face me
Who will brave my roar
What force will assemble
And sound the horns
I know what I am, what I’ve done
I know I make you want to run
If only someone would lend an ear
To share my pain before I disappear

Do you know
Do you know what it is
To be alone
When everybody’s gone
Do you see
Do you see this field of snow
For this fucking wasteland
There’s no one to blame
But me

I can’t trust my senses
Nothing is real
No more can I hide
From this blackness I feel
I can’t trust my senses
This nightmare is real
Depraved realm of silence
The joy that I steal

(Waiting for so long)
Bow down to me
Grovel at my feet
(For the light to take me)
Fall on your knees
Praise my majesty

Rat king, I am – I can’t change
Kindred, arise – Seal my fate
Never forgive
Never forget

There’s a place in the north
There’s a place where the land runs red
On those bright shores
There’s a place for the souls now dead
There’s a place in the sky
There’s a place in the ancient lore
Hear the Valkyries cry
As I stand at the door

(Fuck you)
You made me this way
Child of darkness, beast of the slain
I am the monster, you are to blame
Product of silence, there’s no restraint
No more happy endings, for villains only pain

Take me back to those halcyon days
Take me back ere I drove you away

No one stands with me
All that I can see
The wasteland of my home
I’ll never be free
And as my heart bleeds
Into the skies I go
Track Name: Towards Unknown
This isn’t right, I’m tired of living this way
Running and hiding through the night and day
The refugees we have become, hearts of glass and clay
No, this isn’t us, so here’s what I say
What ever happened to our great renown
We were the stars in the sky, not the dirt on the ground
We were so strong, we were so proud
We were like kings, ‘til by the beast we were found
I still remember how it tore our walls down
And in a storm of fire and blood, so many drowned
Traumatized by the bodies disemboweled
And the headless corpses on the ground
I won’t sit by while the beast rapes our dreams
And while there is no justice for the screams
Someone must do this, and so it seems
That I must rid the world of this beast

For the ones that have died
For the widows that have cried
I set forth on my way
For this fell beast I shall slay

As the quest begins
I’m off to slay the beast that lies within
Fuck the haters who tell me I can’t win
‘Cause at the end of the day, I’m really doing this for them
‘Cause every time that I close my eyes
I see those black wings flying through the sky
Raining death down from above
Now I know what must be done
Promised my friends that I would not die
But they could tell from the look in my eye
All those things that I said before I left with a sigh
I will fight, but will I come back alive
Familiar faces always out of sight
And nothing good is ever in the light
At the edge of the field, I never wanted to fight
But somebody’s got to step up and make this right

I set out on my way
Towards unknown
To make a change
Track Name: Eventide
"The morn was up, the blast blew loud
When now, their halls, the Asi croud
Asiniæ too the council seek
Ever privileged to speak
Death of Balder was the theme
His thought by day, by night his dream

"Ghastly visions round him pressed
And scar’d his midnight hours of rest
The giants croud each sacred fane
Where Goddesses presageful reign
To know the impending evil near
Threat’ned by the nightly fear

"The sacred oracles declare
Balder must for death prepare
Asi sad the tidings hear
Frigga drops the impassion’d tear"
Track Name: Another Earth
In dreams one night, I took the plunge
Down numerous steps, countless stairs
I dove deep, slicing through the air
Soaring quickly through the sky

Carried by my great wings I saw
The world down there
And all its grooves and the way it moves
And all the land and everything

And I saw the water flow
Down the stream
As it trickles in the sunlight and shines
Gleams, and projects rays

And I thought I had seen it all
But only a fool like me could be so thick
My brain could not be so penetrated
By the thought saying no
There is no Earth down below
Just look up, past the clouds
Another world

And it’s there I was sucked in
And nothing could get me out
Not even my thoughts could save me
Track Name: Dragonslayer
(I want to leave my mark)

Who enters my lair
Do you know what I am
Who braves the sorrow
Who braves the storm

Have you come to slay me, to reclaim your home
These ashes are cold now, this mountain’s my throne
What madness possessed you, conceited knight
To wrest my domain from me, and bring the light
You shall fall

You’ve taken root, but I shall
With my might, expel you
You’ve blocked the sun, but I shall
Ensure the light shines through

To the Aesir I swear I will break you
With my blood and my steel I will take you
For I am not afraid, I will shake you
One shall fall, one shall stand, I shall slay you

Thunder clashes in the night (I’ll bring you down)
Wake the gods as we fight (This firestorm)
Talons long and iron strong (I’ll take you down)
As we clash under this crucial peak

Ten thousand brave heroes, five armies I’ve crushed
As I paint this canvas with my fell, red brush
Who will quench these fires, who’ll brave my pow’r, arcane
Flee, pathetic hero, for you shall be slain
You shall fail

You may be strong, but you’ve become
So old and fat, fed by your spoils
Of war and death you’ve brought to
My ancestors who your flames boiled

You’ll fall, foul creature of night
Your vile dominion ends
I’ll slay you for this mountain
Is my people’s right

What have I done
Who have I become
I was so bright
I was so glorious
Every step I take
Draws me down
To these dark shadows
Away from the light

I could slay you with my talons sharp
Disembowel you with but one strike
But I know that no victory
Can quell this storm inside

I have walked this path
Become the one abhorred
I’ll never know the light
Forever stained by
What I’ve done, who I am
So hero, take this life

With one fell swoop
Beast, I end you
Puncture your scaly head
This nightmare is at an end

Through darkest of storms
The hearth fire still shines
Follow, my brothers
I’ll show you the light
For I am the hero
Slayer of dragonkind
They’ll sing of me through
The ages of time